Noblerex K1 Platinum - Leader in Affordable Commercially Rated Whole Body Vibration Exercise Machines

The Noblerex K1 Platinum is a true oscillating whole body vibration machine modeled after the original Galileo that was used in the original research studies and by the Russian Cosmonauts and Olympians.

The Noblerex K1 Platinum is a form of exercise called whole body vibration that gives the body a full hours worth of exercise in only ten minutes. And there actually was study that proved this astonishing fact.

A 12-week study found that strength increases from an average of 10 minutes of vibration training were similar to those seen in an hour of regular resistance training.

(Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 2003; 35 (6); 1033-1041

So with today's fast paced and busy lifestyle, who has time to exercise for an hour or more a day?

The Noblerex K1 Platinum provides an answer AND gives you many more benefits than JUST exercise alone.